Planting trees, we generate life

AUGUST 29, 2019

Bulletin 6

As a socially responsible company HONDUCHIPS, after signing a letter of understanding with the company Servicios de Mantenimiento y Construcción (SERMACO), a company that built the new boulevard together with investments Montoya and FERROMAX, planted 123 neem trees as part of our projects. reforestation. After long days in cleaning and opening holes with our volunteers, on October 15 the reforestation was carried out.


This event was coordinated by our plant manager, engineer Gustavo Reyes and Bachelor Julio Ávila, during the reforestation, engineer Karim Galeano, Environment leader, engineer Valeria Banegas, Leader of fair operating practices, engineer Nelson Flores were also present. Edwin Discua representing HONDUCHIPS. Nery Martinez representing beet growers Alejandra Tercero represent SERMACO, Oscar Velásquez from the Mayor’s Office of Comayagua and the secondary practitioners also volunteered.