New ESR leaders

AUGUST 29, 2019

Bulletin 6


On August 29, a meeting was held to form the team of ESR leaders and to carry out a work plan for the last semester of 2018.

The team was formed as follows:

ESR Coordinator: Julio Avila

Governance: Selim Perdomo, Ángel Suazo

Human Rights: Walterio Lopez, Delmy Morales, Claritza Pino

Workplace Practices: Fátima Ramos, Ninoska Alvarado

Environment: Julio Avila, Karim Galeano, David Medina

Fair Operating Practices: Valeria Banegas, Marjory Flores

Consumer Affairs: Allan Posadas, Stephany Marroquin

Active Participation with the Community: Gustavo Reyes, Hugo Nuñez.