Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

In Honduchips we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as the responsibility that corresponds to us for the impact that our activities generate in society.

By taking responsibility of our actions we intend to set an example that helps define and lead to  own or collective behaviors and  initiatives creating value for all the groups of interest that seek for sustainable development, Considering the interest of our customers, collaborators, shareholders, providers, and the community involved with the daily operation.

Through our policy we are committed to contribute to the following objectives:

  • To execute the main activity responsibly.
  • Collaborators are the center of our purpose.
  • Maximize the creation of sustainable and shared value for its shareholders and for other stakeholders and the society in which it operates.
  • Prevent and mitigate the possible negative impacts derived from our activity.

This policy is aligned with our code of ethics, so we reiterate our commitment to develop our operations, seeking profitability adjusted to ethical principles in compliance with legality, good practices, and sustainable development, taking into account the stakeholders with whom we interact, generating the confidence that allows clear, impartial and objective processes that guarantee equal conditions and opportunities.